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tv   ABC7 News 5 00PM  ABC  January 29, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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thousands of tips poured into police, but nothing materialized. decades went by until a new cold case unit began reviewing the case, again. evidence led them to this house a person interest of who is interviewed during the initial investigation. police searched this home at that time but found nothing. the unit wanted a more thorough search this, afternoon a cadaver sniffing dog found something in the basement floor. crews began digging through a persian of the concrete. a crew was called in when gone boens were discovered in the ground. source s say a man named kelly lived in the house at the time. but that he had since died. michael sharp has lived next door for fourdjze decades he kw cell yes and roommate. >> never thought they'd do something like this, never. they never showed it. they were calm. they were cool. and everything. >> no trouble? >> no trouble. none.
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>> so now, the bones we have found in this house are going to be sent for analysis to see if they're animal or human. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> all right, vic we want to ask you, they searched the place 30 years ago why searching again now. >> and according to the search and they did not go into the backyard nor did they use cadaver sniffing dog autos we're going to have more at 6:00. >> we first reported details on abc 7 news at 4:00 and abc 7 we have team coverage this evening. i team reporter dan noyes investigated the kevin collins case just in october. at that time, the i team was looking into reports this may have been connected to a serial killer. we talked with his mother then, and again, today, to
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gelt her reaction to this new potential break in this case. the report is ahead on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> a man who was shot in the head in a gas station this morning has died. the man's father tells abc 7 news the victim is only 20 years old, the father heard about it and went right to the) 76 station after learning of the shooting. you can only imagine. a s.w.a.t. team surrounded a neighborhood. so far, police have not been announcing arrests in this case. >> we just received calls from a frustrated driver caught in a traffic jam on i 880 saturday in oakland. they're stuck behind a side show on a freeway. several stopped traffic and a handful spun out in the northbound lane. some of the stuck in traffic shot video of the side show, others called 911 in frustration. listen. >> they're swinging doughnuts in the middle of the freeway, blocking all lanes of traffic.
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>> guys hanging out with sun roof of mustang and other guys out of the windows of cars. they have all lanes of traffic blocked. >> now, coming up at 6:00 we're going to have more of the calls from the now=#a÷ infamous i 880 side show and latest on the gigs. >> we have a shocking story coming out of new hampshire tonight about a beloved novato woman stabbed to death in a random attack in a hotel. police arrested a suspect today in the killing last night of 70-year-old doctor. she has a pilot's license, volunteered services to fly sick people who needed care. abc 7 news is gining us where she kept her plane. >> yes. hi. well, everybody called her kitty, used her plane to help others. she spoke several languages and later attended stanford, it's just a bizarre case, her
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life ended last night in a small town in new hampshire. this is a photo of catherine post on the white mountain school web si. she was a board trusty and attending a meeting there. police say the 70-year-old was stabbed by a stranger in the lobby of her hotel and arrested and police are calling it a random attack. >> people in novato say she was a remarkable woman who once served in the peace corps. kind person. loved traveling. loved to fly. i remember that. i'm shocked. i can't think. >> bob patterson worked as the petaluma municipal airport. he showed us her plane. >> angel flight if someone
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needs a ride there are several planes that would take them there, free of charge. then pirks them whup it's time to come home. this is a marvelous person. >> she once worked for the u.s. foreign service. >> man police say stabbed her was arraigned today in court a cording to police this is the first reported homicide since 1999. 1999. so we're talking about 14 years. >> thank you. sky 7 is live over the scene today of breaking news in werk berkeley. it's a house fire, these are live pictures. you can see crews surrounding the house. looks like it's under control at this point as you can tell. we're going update this, so
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stay with us. >> right now, it's 49er time all week long. leading up to the super bowl this sunday we have a team in new orleans at the super dome. >> we do. half of the newsroom is over there. let's begin with larry beil. an encounter with the coach's wife. >> i'm going to get to that in just a moment. as well as catherine west since a lot of people seem to be interested in that. super bowl media day used to be no big deal. just reporters and a few players, and you can move on. now, nfl popularity increased and decade over decade, this is a huge extravaganza. i talked to one today whose owner is soaking it in. and i asked what going through his mind. >> it feels like i'm 8.
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i'm back in miami for the first time. i feel like a little kid kid right now this, is where 49ersíx can be during the season. >> i feel okay now. i figured this i would be way down there. trying to take it. my son is down here with me. my wife. he just turned three months old. to make our lives easier. >> try to take it all in. this is special and no power over the outcome on sunday. we got what we have to do. >> a crying 3-year-old can change your world. you're down with me today and we spent a lot of time on one interview.
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>> niner became and alabama and bee yons yain yeah in the stands. and inside edition reporting at super dome. and she said it's overwhelming. >> oh, my gosh. it's overwhelming. i've never done anything like this before. this is my first time. playing reporter. and so, could be kind of on both sides. i walk in today and... i'm -- hounded by the media. to give interviews. and also, giving interviews myself. po it's pretty crazy. >> not as easy as it looks right? >> no. i've been trying to do media from miss usa this, is a new experience. >> who is your fascinating interview with?
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>> you, obviously. >> i've been interview sod much. it's hard to choose just one. >> she's doing interviews and very to admit she might have a few tour in this business and i have a huge crush. i'm not the only one following women around today. >> yes. >> when i ask question, i don't know where aj mckaifren is right now. jim has many expressions. you know? who has got it better than us? >> nobody. nobody. i asked what is her favorite expression? >> i love to have to stay with enthusiasm unknown to man kind. and it kind of gives them kind of a jump start. it does. who has got it better than us?
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it's cute. >> when you went out on the first date did he say i'm going to attack this date with enthusiasm? >> no. >> this is tremendous. jim said she can on television in just a moment. >> yes. >> there is no question about that. we're attacking our coverage with enthusiasm. agg7i certain number 84 dons his old jersey. and try to get interviews. >> another 84 found he's the greatest of all time. >> i hope it's not just you. >> that is coming up at 6:00. >> that is good tough. >> our coverage continues with more on this that is looking
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good. a southern style breakfast. fans put this together in five minute autos i'm starving. >> katie, larry, shu and wayne are sending out great updates. we're retweeting the best of them. there are live reports continuing all week through super bowl sunday here on abc 7. >> and check us out afterwards. our teams will be live on the air with up to the minute looks at how niners fans are reacting here and in the big easy. that is at 49ers win. >> and we have more coming up. michael finney with some good news for fans we're trying to get their2rkváickets. >> and where landlords need to clean up pesky bed bugs. >> i'm sandhya patel.
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more of this and milder temperatures but when will rain return? i'll answer that question when i come back.
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house minority leader nans ease pelosi led a celebration marking the anniversary two of significant pieces of legislation. pelosi and george miller commemorated fourth anniversary of the lilly ledveter fair pay act. both lawmakers call the bills landmark pieces of legislation trance forming lives of families and women. miller offered the bill which was the first piece of legislation the president signed after taking office in
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2009. >> some very important consumer news, did you know you've been having as much as $700,000 owd to you and not know bit? >> yes. what you need to know to clean that money. >> yes. we've done a ton of stories on this reminding people, well, you've likely heard my reports. and maybe, maybe this information will change your mind. officials say there are $58 billion sitting out there to claim. it's cash people left behind in abandoned accounts, unclaimed life insurance and forgoten pensions. near california state controller tells us there is $6.1 billion waiting to be claimed. that money belongs to 17.5 million people. we have links to web sites where it's really easy to see if you have money coming. owe so go there, check ourt your name, check out your family's names and your friends. that is all on abc 7
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growing problem of bed bugs is catching atension of lawmakers. could california be right behind? here we're not leading n chicago three city alderman are proposing landlords be made more responsible for getting rid of the pests. supporters say it's a public nuisance. those landlords who fail to kpomp ply could be fined up to so bed bugs are difficult to get rid oof biggest problems/íép are ten yanlts not doing what we recommend they do. land lords say they want their responsibilities shared. >> here is good news for those trying to get tickets.
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year is trending downwards. stub hub tells us average prices on the secondary market this year is $2550. that is down 15% from the same time last year. 9 secondary site is a bit higher, but still, says that is down 31% fl last year. both sides agree that prices are turning downward, one observer says difficulty in booking a flight to new orleans is impacting the demand for tickets. sounds like a bargain. >> yes. >> this isítáq so expensive. >> 49er fans are having a field day. indulging in foods new orleans is famous for. >> yufr mouth may water at
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words alone. >> red beans catfish, shrimp, rice with beans. gumbo. >> joey knows the new orleans palette. >> crawfish season coming in now. you'll see some people eating crawfish. we're well into royce sister season. it's very popular. fans are making the troip see their team autos i'm from santa cruz. >> over a fried catfish he told me he lives in burbank, in new orleans for work. he can't hide status as a faithful. >> i ran back to the hot yechl i had a couple bad timing. >> another fan from another state. florida.kcñ
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>> like vernon davis in college, they directed him. >> the staff is happy to host the fans, and they won't mind if a certain player stopped by, too. >> we loveo[0s kaepernick. >> he's a nice looking young man. >> the crew over at the famous cafeókne du monde got a sweet treat. just another example of what new orleans has to offer. >> fat free, low carb. >> well, none that have is true and portions are huge. i couldn't finish. so taking this to go. and keep in mind this feast only costs $3.99 n new orleans, abc 7 news. >> we have more 49er faithful pictures to share with you tonight. these two players from the team of the 80s.
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that is two future gold rush cheer leaders. how cute are they? we'll get them on the air. >> moving on to other news of the day now. california's dry winter has affected state water levels. surveyors measured the snow pack at 93%, heavy snowfall up in december. but january has seen not so much snow. the path will continue to build then start melting. >> interesting. we got to have a fast start then sort of petered out. >> yes. hopefully will come back. who who know that's? >> sandhya patel. >> yes. >> it looks like there is a possibility of rain in the bay area. often we see this and go in real strongful we get snow?
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in the sierra, then, january can be dry. not that unusual. let me show you live picture from our camera. you can see high, thin clouds there. gorgeous setting sun from san jose. high temperatures 56 degrees. they're seeing blue skies right now. temperatures mid-50s to low 60s. we're watching high clouds around the region. that is just filtering the sun. rainfall wise, sanlta rosa is 112%. oakland you're now starting to fall behind. 99% of normal sacramento above average. temperatures all into 50s. 50 degrees in half moon bay now. 59 in antioch. highlights clear and cool
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tonight. chilly tonight when you head out of the door, you'll want to bundle up. 37 in nappa. as you look here, 39 degrees, 37 in livermore, palo alt⌞6m, 41. mid-40s around half moon bay. satellite and radar paints a picture here, strong ridge. it's a strong blocking ridge blocking any storms from getting here, they'll go way over the top of the ridge. you're seeing high clouds spilling over the top of the ridge going to continue heading into wednesday. but beautiful day is ahead, temperatures coming up tomorrow. 64 in the south bay and campbell. 65 also gatos. in milpitas. 62 degrees in redwood city.
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downtown san francisco, 60 degree days. at least four degrees warmer
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>> nows of new radio stations are about to pop up. how it could trance form what you hear. at 6:00. we'll be right back here.
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searchers say they're making progress towards developing a birth control pill for men. a team is working on the first one. research says the formula called jq 1 is different from other pills because it doesn't have harm offul side affects. >> safety, safety. >> this affects my hormone levels, reproductive organs just everything. >> again, this is over one9(ñ
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year period of time[ã >> despite the talk this research is still in its early stages and trials are five years away. >> if you feel restricted by what you say on facebook or twitter there is a new networking site awill youing to you post anonymously. it assigns you a number. people connect through a shared interest. there are rule bdz what you can post. ;bñ. the site found just about everything else is fair game. >> we'll see. well, meet a diving dog that knows how to sniff out super bowl win winners, up next. see captain skipper. >> a quick programming note. kim and kourtney kardashian are guests on jimmy kimmel
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live tonight.
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coming up at 6:00 team coverage of today's developments in the kef yip collins case we broke here first rmt. plus, dan noyes spoke to collin's mother about the man with the big black dog she's wondered about all of these years. also a lesson for lawmakers on which guns are legal and which aren't and a number of people who own guns in california are not supposed tox those stories and more coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> thank you. see you then. >> a diving dog weighed in on the super bowl. >> that is right. meet captain skipper from florida. he made it his day


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